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Simulated Amethyst Rings

With our simulated Amethyst stone, we offer stunning and flawless cuts. By using the finest raw materials and most precise cuts, we're able to simulate an exquisite and superb stone. Choose from our latest designs that are sure to astonish anyone.

Amethyst is one of nature’s most beautiful and colorful minerals. It has a deep, mysterious purple color that can range from violet to deep magenta. Unsurprisingly, this mineral and its variants are especially popular in design and production of jewelry. The color purple is shrouded in powerful symbolism. The symbolic power of this color has been known for centuries. It was famously the color worn by kings, royalty and priests. In the modern times, we associate the color purple with luxury, nobility, and extravagance. The natural mineral amethyst is claimed to have various healing properties and benefits for the body and mind. Amethyst rings are, therefore, one of the most interest jewelry pieces you can boast. There are rings that are made of real amethyst, but the more popular version is simulated amethyst rings. The difference is that real amethyst rings have plenty of imperfections and color discrepancies, which is due to the mineral’s appearance in nature. Simulated amethyst rings, on the other hand, will be manufactured in a way that makes them look impeccable. For many people, this is the preferred look of a ring, even if the stone is simulated. After all, simulated amethyst is, of course, much more affordable than real samples. Just like other materials, simulated amethyst rings come in many different cuts. Choose the one that fits your style the best. Amethyst colors pair wonderfully with flamboyantly purple outfits, but they are also a great addition to monochrome styles (black and white).