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Accessorizing for Men

Justin Grainger

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Whether you’re a man looking to up your accessory game on your own or someone looking for the perfect accessory for that special someone who could really use some style tips, it’s a good idea to think about what men want when it comes to style.


Many men out there might be plain-stated and go for a slightly minimalist style, while other men out there might be a little more comfortable being ostentatious or even somewhat flamboyant. The good news is that there is the perfect accessory out there for every single type of guy on the planet.


Below, we go over a few must-have accessories for the guys.

Tie Clips

If you wear a tie, then you likely have a tie clip or two to keep your tie pinned to your dress shirt -- but do you have a tie clip that you’re super excited to break out?


There are tons of tie clip options out there, some more elegant and expensive than others. Whether you’re planning on picking one of these up for yourself or for someone else, keep in mind what sort of occasions the tie clip will be worn for. If it’s a more formal setting, then you’ll want to go with a tie clip that is more understated. If it’s a more casual setting, then you can go with something novel or loud.

The Watch

Watches are just about every guy’s favorite accessory, but now might be the time to steer clear of those smart watches. If you’re looking to pick up an accessory that will make a big statement, the watch is the way to go.


Again, think about functionality. Are you or the person who will be wearing the watch sporty? Is this watch for work or for leisure? Will this watch have to withstand abuse or hold up against the elements? Knowing what the watch will be used for will help you choose which one is the right one to purchase.


Pro tip: if you end up getting a watch with a leather band, the perfect accompanying accessory for this will be a leather belt of the exact same color. Now that’s shard accessorizing!


Generally, rings for men are going to be a little more understated. Sterling Silver rings are a great way to go and will look great with just about any ensemble. Besides maybe an elegant watch, a ring is going to make the most noise as far as accessories go, since we generally express body language with our hands and our hands are generally the most visible part of our bodies besides the face.


Titanium rings are also a great way to go due to the resistance of the material. Titanium rings are extremely difficult to bend out of shape or even scratch, which makes them the perfect accessory for men who work with their hands.


Rings don’t necessarily have to be limited to silver and gold. If you’re looking for a ring with a little more pizzazz, a topaz ring or an amethyst ring might be more of a hit.


Sunglasses are a tricky accessory because many folks out there end up overpaying for shades that end up breaking or failing to stand the test of time for whatever reason.


You can easily end up spending a few hundred dollars (or more) on a good designer pair of sunglasses. If you’re going to drop that sort of coin on shades, you’ll want to make sure that they come with a warranty, that they’re the real deal and not phonies, and that they fit your face the way a good pair of sunglasses are supposed to.


If you’re dropping your hard-earned money on some sunglasses, you’ll want to make sure that they have polarized lenses. Once you go polarized, you’ll notice the difference whenever you wear a pair of non-polarized shades.


Just the same, you can end up finding some pretty cool sunglasses at garage sales, thrift stores, or even those gas stations that have a good supply on hand. In general, many people do not know the difference between knockoffs and the real thing.


We hope some of the tips mentioned above help you on your journey to becoming an excellent accessorizer. If you need any help finding men’s rings, contact Sterling Silver Rings today for expert assistance.

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