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How to: “Treat Yo Self” on the Cheap

Justin Grainger

treat yo self


Even if you don’t watch Parks and Recreation, you’ve most likely seen a few of its famous memes by now. (And, while we’re on the subject - if you really haven’t watched this comedically canonic show by now, you totally should, because it’s been off the air for a few years now and you can stream every episode for free on Netflix. Well, we know Netflix itself isn’t free, but you get our drift. And no commercials!) Let’s review: there’s the “Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are useless” Ron Swanson meme, the “Hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, [and] ovaries before brovaries” Leslie Knope meme, and the “Butter is my favorite food!” Andy Dwyer meme. But perhaps the most famous meme of all is the “Treat Yo Self” meme, from the episode of Parks and Recreation that inspired thousands of normal people everywhere to spend a little more money on themselves for no reason at all. In the episode, Tom and Donna reveal their annual tradition of treating themselves to any number of unnecessary but oh-so-awesome experiences, luxury items, and meals. And every time they do, they declare “treat yo’ self!”


Lovers of the show now engage in Treat Yo Self day with pleasure and nostalgia, and sometimes much more often than once a year. “Treat yo’ self” can be a great way to take the edge off a stressful time or celebrate an accomplishment. But there’s one problem: if a “treat yo’ self” day makes you go broke, it doesn’t feel like treating yourself at all. That’s why we’re here to explain how to “treat yo’ self” on the cheap.


It’s OK to Spread Things Out - But Don’t Go Overboard

 No one says you have to wait twelve months every time you want to get something for yourself. Sometimes the best self-care gifts are those given to yourself spontaneously, on a day when you just really needed it, or realized that perfect piece of jewelry for your date night with your partner next Saturday is available online. Enjoy that feeling of indulgence from time to time, without going overboard with a Genuine Citrine Ring.


Spend Less Than $50

 A good rule of thumb is to cap your more frequent “treat yo’ self” purchases at around $50. This way you won’t feel guilty about your purchase, but you can also be sure you’re still getting something high quality, that you’ll have for a long time, and that you’ll use or wear often. Many of the rings in our Anniversary Rings collection are right in this price point - or even less, so you can get more than one!


Treat Someone Else, Too

 Now that you understand the magic of treat yo’ self and how to apply it in regular life, you can share the love, too. Treat a friend or a coworker to a coffee or any of our Women’s rings you know is just their style, and watch them blossom the way someone does when they’re given an unexpected gift. Just don’t forget to show them the meme.

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