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Proposing on Valentine’s Day

Justin Grainger

 Sterling Silver Rings, Engagement Rings

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and is the perfect occasion for proposing to your girlfriend.  We offer an amazing line of sterling silver rings perfect for proposing if you do not already have an engagement ring for the ask.  The following suggestions are great ways to propose on Valentine’s day and even if you are not ready to ask the big question on this day, these are ideas you can use whenever the time is right for the perfect proposal.

  1. First thing in the morning. Surprise your spouse to be by popping the question first thing in the morning before the day has even started. That Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday it is the perfect opportunity to use this surprise proposal that can start the day of love off in the right direction.  You will catch her off guard and will be a spontaneous special moment.
  2. If doing the first thing in the morning question isn’t perfect for you, consider proposing right before going out for the evening. Now with COVID lockdowns in many part of the country going out to a traditional Valentine’s dinner may be off the tables, but if you have plans, consider proposing before you are out in public, so that you can share that special moment just between the two of you.
  3. Take your girl on a trip down memory lane and stop drive by a couple of places that were special in your relationship. End that trip at the first place that you ever kissed or said I love you to her and pop the question.
  4. Go for a road trip. While being out provides lots of opportunities for either a well planned proposal location or that spontaneous pull over, check out that beautiful sunset or view and pop the question.  Whether you are going to a place you have been before or setting out for a new adventure to make new memories a road trip Valentines’ weekend that includes a proposal will be a memory for a lifetime.
  5. If you can work into your proposal plans an inside joke that is something that two of you laugh about regularly, it is a nice way to cement your special bond with something meaningful and sweet.
  6. Arrange to have a friend capture the special moment. Whether you have them actively with you for going to get some special photos all dressed up and then you happen to drop down on one knee or a secret plan so that you can be ion a special location and they capture the moment from afar.  Having a photo of the proposal is a wonderful thing.  Go all in and ask a stranger to take a picture of the two of you and right before the photo is taken drop on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.
  7. Set up a small surprise party. Now in the age of COVID zoom parties are all the rage so feel free to invite several couples / friends to enjoy Valentine’s day dinner with virtually and while you are all on the camera, say you have an announcement to make and drop down on one knee.
  8. Give your girlfriend a locked box and a key. After searching all the engagement rings options out there select the right one and place it in the box and let her open it up and see the beautiful ring with your question coming next.
  9. A box of chocolates. Place the ring inside the box of chocolates and while she is opening the box thinking, oh great, he went all cliché and bought me a box of chocolates at the Walgreens the ring will be inside and immediately change the mood.
  10. Ask him. If you got this far reading ideas for how he may propose to you and your wondering if he ever will, just go for it and be the bold women that you are and ask for his hand in marriage and force the issue.


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