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The Pantone Color for 2020 and How to Work it Into Your Wardrobe

Justin Grainger

 Pantone Classic Blue


 The much-anticipated Pantone color for 2020 is here, and it’s deliciously unexpected in every way. “Classic blue” may sound subtle at first blush, but it’s actually a bold choice for the new decade. “Classic blue” encompasses everything from your childhood dreams of being an astronaut or a deep sea explorer to your first date under the stars as a teenager. As an adult, blue can tend to drop out of your wardrobe. Blue becomes a more difficult color to mix and match easily with pull-from-your-closet staples, as well as accessories and jewelry. Not to fear, though. We’ve got some easy ways to build blue into your monthly or even weekly outfits. Without further ado, here’s how to do blue!


Choose A Statement Piece

 Classic blue can look almost neon, close up or from a distance, when featured in a wardrobe item like a sweater or even jeans. But we suggest leaning into this prominence, going for a vivid item to punch up your look rather than risking looking dull. A royal blue sweater will look fantastic paired with jeans, an oversized camo jacket, over the knee boots, and a glittery ring like our 925 sterling silver trillion cut wedding band. Bright blue jeans – not denim blue, but bright blue – will sing when paired with a maroon blazer, black camisole, pointy toe flats, and one of our genuine citrine rings. Embrace the boldness of blue, and before you know it you’ll be getting compliments on your fashion choices that will make you want to take even more risks.


Figure Out Your Neutrals

 It can be hard to figure out how to pair your existing basic clothing pieces and neutral toned items with classic blue. We recommend saying yes to pairing both lighter browns and blacks with your bright blue, but be a bit more conservative about dark or chocolate browns and olive greens. Olive green can function as a statement color in and of itself, and might detract from what you’re going for with your blue. Camel and tan toned browns will offset your blues much more dramatically than darker browns, which can tend to wash into blues and make your outfit look a bit more muddled. As far as neutrals for your accessories, you can’t go wrong with cubic zirconia rings – but a garnet ring is also a surprisingly good fit as a neutral to bright blue.


Don’t Be Afraid to Rewear

 Classic blue is so distinct, it’s more than OK to rewear your signature blue piece again and again – it’s actually a sign of self-confidence and just the right amount of drama without being excessive. Wear your bright blue sweater once every other week, and your royal blue pencil skirt on the alternating weeks. For summer, you might wear your classic blue sundress every week or even twice a week, once on a weekday and once on the weekend. As far as jewelry, you can get away with a sapphire ring every day of the week!


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