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Wedding Bands for Him

Justin Grainger

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The search for the perfect ring for her can sometimes take forever.  Finding him the right ring out of the collection of wedding bands available, however does not have to be difficult.  The right wedding band for a man should be comfortable, fit their style, and be something that will work well for them to wear every day. 

Men used to have the single option of a gold wedding band, but those days are over.  The options for men are significantly better, so if gold is right for you great, but if not, there are many excellent sterling silver rings available to choose from.  The most popular for men right now is a titanium ring.  Titanium rings provide several qualities that are well suited for a Men’s ring like strength, durability, and hardness. 

Many couples want to have matching rings for their wedding rings.  Sterling silver rings are an excellent option for matching the look and style of white gold and platinum.  Titanium comes in a couple of colors and a unique metal for a Men’s ring.  It is important for both spouses to be excited about the rings that they will be exchanging on their special day. 

Sterling Silver Rings for Men

Sterling silver rings are the go-to choose for many men looking for the right ring out of all the wedding bands on the market.  Sterling silver is affordable and comes in a range of styles from simple and plain to ornately designed and set with gems. 

The classic Men’s wedding band is the 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Band Venetian Finish 5mm.  This thing simple wedding band is perfect for the guy that wants a traditional looking ring and needs to have dexterity in his fingers for work. 

Benefits of Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

  • Sterling silver is affordable. A sterling silver ring is attainable by anyone, making it a preferred choice of young couples looking to save money his ring to make sure hers is perfect.
  • It is hypoallergenic and will not irritate the skin of individuals that are prone to sensitive skin.
  • Tons of designs available. Sterling silver is popular with jewelers for creating exquisite ring designs so you can find options from simple and bare to incredibly detailed and ornate.
  • Sterling silver is durable and easy to provide basic maintenance to at home. Many precious metals require elaborate methods to maintain, but sterling silver can generally be restored on your own with special varnish and a cleaning cloth.

Titanium Wedding Bands

The Indestructible Titanium Ring is an 8mm solid black wedding band perfect for the man that refuses to wear a gold or sterling silver ring.  This ring is all black and sleek and is 100% titanium and tough as anything.  Perfect for the man that works hard all day and doesn’t want a ring made of a precious metal such as gold that is very malleable and easily damaged while working.

Benefits of Titanium Wedding Bands

  • Titanium is lightweight making the rings comfortable to wear.
  • Titanium rings come in a few different colorations and finishes.
  • Titanium will never corrode, rust, or be damaged from the elements.
  • It is hypoallergenic so you will not get an allergic reaction to your skin like some metals cause to people with sensitive skin.
  • They can also be adorned with gemstones like other rings.
  • And finally, they are very affordable. They are super strong and durable and cost much less than a typical gold wedding band for men.

The right wedding band for him will mean he is more likely to wear the wedding band every day.  Have fun finding the right style and look that will be comfortable to wear for the rest of your life.

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