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5 Diamond Alternatives That Make Sterling Silver Rings Amazing

Justin Grainger

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Sterling silver rings are beautiful all on their own.  However, some people enjoy having a little extra bling, shine, and brilliance to their ring that can only be done through setting a gemstone on the ring.  Deciding what gemstone to put on a ring can be hard, but if looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, or fashion rings some choices end up being better than others.  While many people only think of expensive diamond gemstones for an engagement ring or wedding ring sets, it does not have to be so.  There are many excellent options including Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia rings that have all the sparkle and shine associated with a natural diamond gem without the high costs in both monetary value and environmental costs and worker exploitations.  Choosing a gemstone besides a diamond is a conscious choice to not partake in the evils associated with the mining of these gems that is very hard to avoid if buying diamonds no matter what the supplier says about their sourcing methods.

The following list are the most popular alternatives to diamond rings.

  1. Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic Zirconia Rings have a cubic zirconia gemstone set in it and they are an excellent option for engagement rings.  These gemstones are colorless and made from a synthetic cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide that has the same appearance as diamonds.  This is the number one choice of gemstone when looking for an alternative to diamond for traditional ring purposes like engagements and weddings.  It is possible to get a large cubic zirconia stone set on a ring at a fraction of the cost of a similar size diamond with the same clearness, shine, and brilliance.  You will find countless stone cuts for cubic zirconia so whether you are looking for a round cut, princess cut, or any of the other popular gemstone styles there will be one available.

  1. Topaz Ring

A genuine topaz ring will have a wonderful color blue that gives the topaz its special appearance.  For the person that wants to have a special engagement ring or if you are looking for a unique anniversary present a topaz ring with or without additional stones set in a sterling silver ring is an excellent choice.

  1. Garnet Ring

Looking for a real crowd pleaser to let your loved one show off than check out our selection of garnet rings.  This is the best gemstone selection when looking for a red stone to play off a personal style.  This will catch people’s eyes and is a bold and striking color that will not be forgotten.

  1. Citrine Ring

Citrine gemstones are yellowing gold in color and can come in a large range of cut styles.  Our genuine citrine rings are set on sterling silver with a rhodium finish that shines and sparkles in light.   We carry a wide selection of citrine rings to choose from including rings with a single gemstone and those accompanies by a series of cubic zirconia stones to accentuate the beauty of the citrine.

  1. Amethyst Ring

A simulated amethyst ring with a sterling silver and rhodium finish is an excellent way to highlight the rich deep purple that amethyst is known for.  Amethyst is a beloved gemstone with a rich history and adored by royalty throughout the ages.  Many women enjoying matching their attire with their jewelry and an amethyst ring is the only choice when wearing anything with purple in it. 

Whichever diamond alternative you choose for your ring be proud of not supporting an industry that has preyed on workers and consumers.  The rings we described above are all excellent options to give as engagement rings, or a special gift as an anniversary ring, or just worn as a fashionable accessory.  Have fun looking for the perfect ring for your loved one and consider one of these diamond alternatives: cubic zirconia, topaz, garnet, citrine, and amethyst for that perfect gift or engagement ring.


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