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Sterling Silver Fashion Rings for Gifts and Surprises

Justin Grainger

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Sterling silver rings come in so many unique styles and designs that they make perfect fashion rings for giving as gifts and special surprises for the special person in your life.  When giving a piece of jewelry as a gift it is something that will be used and worn regularly by the person and a nice subtle way to stay top of mind.  Every time they look down at the ring or necklace or bracelet that you give to them, they will be thinking of you.  This is so much better than a gift certificate, a special bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers all of which will quickly fade away.  A sterling silver ring or other piece of silver jewelry will be something that they can enjoy and cherish forever.

Reasons to Give Sterling Silver for a Special Gift

  1. Valuable Precious Metal – Sterling Silver is made up of 97.5% silver and will retain its value. Even though the ring or piece of jewelry you may give is for purely for fun and fashion, silver is a precious metal and will always have monetary worth.
  2. A Style for Everyone – Sterling silver rings come in a large array of styles. Fashion rings may be simple and elegant and perfect for the person that just wants a little shine and sparkle on their finger or can be ornate and beautifully designed with large gemstones set to shine brilliantly and catch every eye in the room.  You can find a perfect ring for your girlfriend or wife no matter what their personal tastes are when it comes to jewelry.
  3. Strength and Durability – Many typical fashion rings are made from less desirable materials that may get damaged easily. The additional alloys in sterling silver making up the additional 7.5% of the ring are what give it the strength and durability to last a lifetime.
  4. Affordable Jewelry – If you want to give a full set including ring, bracelet, necklace, and pendant, then sterling silver is the most affordable precious metal to choose. A white gold ring, necklace, and bracelet will cost you in the hundreds of dollars if not thousands while you can find a very beautiful collection of pieces for your loved one at a fraction of the cost of gold or platinum.  With the modern approach to apply a rhodium finish to sterling silver only the trained eye of a jeweler will even be able to tell the difference between a higher end piece of jewelry.  While sterling silver is more affordable it will still shine and catch the light in the room just as easily.
  5. Last Forever – It is simple to maintain fashion rings made of sterling silver. You can use some simple methods for at home care to make sure the ring maintains its luster and shine.  This is not possible with cheaper metals that are often used for fashion jewelry. 

Many people think fashion jewelry is always fake and not worth much.  And while that is the case with the typical junk jewelry sold as fashion pieces, it does not have to be the case.  Invest in a silver line up of jewelry pieces for your girlfriend or spouse and let them be fashionable without breaking the bank.

While most people think of engagement rings when thinking of giving their girlfriend a surprise, a well thought out gift of silver jewelry is always a special gift. Have fun picking out the perfect ring for her and even include a silver bracelet, silver earrings, or a silver necklace and pendant.  It is always more fun to help fill out the entire jewelry box instead of getting that one expensive piece that they will be cautious to wear, concerned about losing it or damaging it.  A fashion ring or other piece of silver jewelry is something that can be worn every day whether going to work, doing chores, running errands and while out to eat on a special date night.  The rings that we have available in our collection are perfect for wearing at all occasions.

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