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5 Reasons Sterling Silver Rings are the Best Engagement Rings

Justin Grainger



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Sterling silver rings are the best engagement rings for people looking to surprise their loved one with a special and unique ring.  Sterling silver rings maintain their value, they are very durable, can be fashioned into countless styles, do not cause allergic reactions, and are super easy to keep polished and looking brand new.  The following list includes the top reasons our customers continue to choose sterling silver rings for their engagement rings for their special loved one. 


  1. Value

Real sterling silver rings are not cheap and when taken care of properly can last a lifetime.  They are easily identifiable with the 925 sterling silver stamp found on the underside of the ring, signifying that the ring is a true 925 sterling silver.  Sterling silver rings are comprised of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal allows, generally copper.  Sterling silver rings with a rhodium finish will shine brilliantly just like platinum and at a fraction of the cost of platinum or white gold. 

  1. Durability

Sterling silver rings are essentially undistinguishable from precious metals such as platinum rings and white gold rings when maintained properly and can easily be a special piece of jewelry that is passed down as a future family heirloom.  These rings polish very easily and do not require lots of special care.  Many people get scratches and dings in their soft gold rings and have to spend real money at the jeweler getting the ring fixed, something that is less likely to occur with sterling silver due to the hardness that is added to the ring with the 7.5% copper and other metal alloys.

  1. Fashion Trends

Sterling silver rings are being crafted by countless jewelry designers around the world due to the malleability and beauty of sterling silver and often used in creating high end fashion rings.  This makes sterling silver rings a highly desirable choice for engagement rings as they are given with the intent to be worn and shown off to friends and family, and even on Facebook and Instagram in the classic close up hand shot with the newly adorned ring announcing the recent engagement to the world.

  1. Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Many people are allergic to certain types of metals such as inexpensive nickel, brass, and other metals.  Sterling silver does not contain any additional alloys that may cause allergic reactions to the wearer.  Many people often choose a sterling silver due to the lower cost than gold for engagement rings and a sudden desire to be engaged to their loved one.  The worst decision that could be made is to go so cheap that you choose a ring from a mall kiosk that ends up being made with nickel or brass and it causes an allergic reaction.

  1. Easy to Maintain

All silver will tarnish eventually, however that is not a reason to avoid sterling silver altogether.  While it may be disappointing to see engagement rings loose their luster and shine or become discolored after sitting for too long in a jewelry box, it is very easy to return silver to its former glory without needing to take the ring in to a professional jeweler and spend money on getting it cleaned.  It is easy to use a varnish that is specifically designed for silver.  Using a clean cloth and varnish it is simple to get that beautiful shine back in sterling silver rings.

If you are considering purchasing an engagement ring to present to your loved one soon, consider the benefits of going with a sterling silver ring.  You will not break the bank and silver has been a precious metal since the beginning of time and for good reason.  Sterling silver rings are fashionable and will last a lifetime.

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