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Blue May be the Pantone Color of the Year, But Red Still Wins This Valentine’s Day

Justin Grainger

Red Tree for Valentine's Day



You know how the saying goes: roses are red, violets are blue. And blue is also the new up and coming color for the new year AND the new decade. Will blue become the new go-to color for everyone’s wardrobe and jewelry collection? It’s still too early to tell, but one thing we do know for sure: this Valentine’s Day, red is still number one when it comes to romance, love, and gifts of all kinds. Red is just such a classic symbolic color of both new love and longterm commitment, you can’t go wrong with Valentine’s gifts themed in this color.


For instance, would you choose a blue bouquet of roses over a red one? We thought not. Or how about chocolates with blue filling instead of strawberry, raspberry, or cherry? Not so appetizing. In whatever shade or whatever flavor, there’s just something about red.


Here are some other ideas for red-themed gifts to help get your creative juices flowing as you brainstorm Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones, be they romantic partners, your kids, or your friends:


Bath bombs, shower gels, and bubble bath in red or pink shades are always a hit for those who love to relax. Add a scented candle in red, and even a bottle of red wine for the quintessential spa-like treatment at home. If you’re going all out, consider a plush bathrobe in red as an alternative to the traditional white or beige.


For kids: children’s books about colors are surprisingly easy to find, and you can focus on those that feature red like Red is a Dragon, Lemons are Not Red, and Big Red Lollipop. Red: The History of a Color by Michael Pastoureau is a great option for adults, if you’d like to stay on this theme but don’t have kids to gift to.


For jewelry, no need to spend buckets of time and money searching for ruby rings. Garnets will provide all the glorious depth of color as rubies, but for a fraction of the price! Some of our favorite garnet rings are the 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Garnet Ring which features three small stars in a cluster at the center, each with a garnet at their center, our classic heart shaped garnet ring, and our upside-down pear shaped garnet ring. Any of these are destined to please your special person this Valentine’s Day!



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