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Center Stone Cuts for Sterling Silver Rings, Wedding Rings or Fashion Rings

Justin Grainger

Sterling Silver Rings, Engagement Rings, Cubic Zirconia Rings, Fashion Rings Wedding Rings

Whether you are looking for a new collection of fashion rings or wedding rings to choose that special ring for your loved one consider sterling silver rings as they come with various center stone cuts and types of stone.  Sterling Silver Rings are very fashionable, and the metal lends itself to being crafted into beautiful curves and designs.  Our Millennium Collections offers many different styles of center cut stones and various center stone options to choose from. 

Sterling Silver Rings Center Stone Cut Styles

Baguette – The Baguette cut is a popular style for cubic zirconia rings that are intended to be engagement rings or wedding rings.  The word is a play on the long thin loaf of French bread that is this shape cut is like.  It is a long and rectangular shaped gem cut.

Brilliant Cut – This specific cut is round and symmetrical and is designed to bring out the most brilliance and beauty in a gemstone.  The overall shape has the shape of a cone with the larger end the face of the gem.

Cushion – The cushion cut is named so as the gemstone kind of resembles a pillow or cushion.  It is a squarish rectangle with softer rounded corners. 

Emerald Cut – The Emerald cut is most notable for it hall of mirrors effect due to the unique pattern of lines on the gem highlighting light and dark.  This is a cut that invites the line in versus being as sparkly or shiny and any imperfections in the gem or coloration will be highlighted.

Heart Shape – The heart shape cut is a special cut that is perfectly symmetrical when done correctly with no bulging on one side or the other.  Heart shaped gemstones are perfect options as fashion rings to give a gift to special friend that you are not ready to propose to with an engagement ring.

Marquise – The Marquise cut is an elongated oval that is a brilliant style cut that is designed to sparkle and shine as much light as possible.  These stone have a unique presence and can light up the wearer.

Oval – The oval cut is classic shape and like the round cut.  It offers a little variation from the traditional round gemstone without being too unusual.  Due to the shape an oval cut of the same carat of a round gemstone will look larger than the round one which is a plus if you are looking to maximize the wow factor of the engagement rings you are choosing from.

Pear Shaped – The pear-shaped cut has a tear drop look to it with a rounded top and a narrow point at the bottom.  This is a cut that stands out as something unique.

Princess Cut – The Princess cut is a bold style that is sure to stun the recipient the first time they lay their eyes on it.  The princess cut is square with straight sides with several brilliant style facets that shine all the light that the ring passes. 

Picking the Right Center Stone Cut

Take some time to familiarize yourself with each of the types of center stone cuts available as each one has unique attributes and one of the key elements to personalizing a ring for a person is the gemstone and the cut.  If you are buying an engagement ring you will want to match the style, personality, and expectations of your fiancé.   If they like to wear flashy and shiny fashion jewelry than you will want to get a gemstone that has many facets cut into the stone to bring out its natural brilliance and shine.  Whereas a person that is more modest will appreciate a smaller sized stone in a more subdued cut.  

Sterling silver rings are always a great base for a ring and they pair well with every gemstone cut and type on the market at affordable prices.


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