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Sterling Silver Rings Perfect Promise Rings

Justin Grainger

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Sterling silver rings are perfect promise rings due to their affordability and stylish fashions that can meet the likes of any person.  Promise rings while not an official engagement ring are an excellent way to show the commitment you have in your exclusive relationship.  Sterling silver rings with rhodium finishes shine brilliantly and are quite easy on the budget.

When Promise Rings Should Be Given?

There are many reasons that a people give a special someone a promise ring.  The following list is the most common reasons.

  • When you are young and still not very financially stable and ready for the costs of a wedding and married life, however you are certain that you have found the right person and want to move your commitment and devotion to each other further along.
  • When an established relationship becomes a long-distance relationship for a period. One of you may be moving to another city or country for school or work early in your adult life, a promise ring may symbolize your love and the strength of your relationship for this period of time that your lives are growing in different ways but are meant to still be together for the long haul.
  • A new relationship that has everything moving along at rapid pace, however it is too early for everyone else in your life for you to be engaged to the person you recently started dating. A promise ring can be the right step to show your personal commitment to each other while you continue to kindle your relationship, meet each other’s families and friends, and start to plan that future perfect engagement proposal.
  • The engagement ring you really want to buy is outside your budget. Promise rings can be a first step while you plan and save money for the right engagement ring.  The sterling silver rings that meet the needs of a promise ring are always affordable and fashionable.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Promise Rings

  • Do be clear that this is a promise ring and that it is not an engagement ring. If you are not clear in your immediate explanation your significant other may think that you are proposing to marry them.
  • Do be serious about this commitment. It should be treated akin to an engagement ring and not to be given away lightly. 
  • Don’t get down on one knee when you give the promise ring. They will likely take your actions as a marriage proposal causing for unneeded confusion and emotional ups and downs depending on their feelings.  Give a promise ring just like you would any other present, give it in a box and allow them to open it up after you have spoken.
  • Do or Don’t wear a promise ring all the time. The choice is for you as a couple to make.  Some couples choose to consistently wear their promise rings everyday like a traditional ring and others elect to only wear it when attending important functions, family events, and special date nights out.  Talk to your partner about how you want to share your commitment to each other to friends, family, and the rest of the general world.

Why Sterling Silver Rings for Promise Rings

  1. Affordability – Sterling silver while affordable is still a precious metal and with a rhodium finish is bright, shiny, and always beautiful.
  2. Fashionable – Promise rings should be able to double as fashion rings and be something that your partner will want to wear on a regular basis. Sterling silver can be easily etched into intricate designs and comes in countless designs with and without gemstones.  Sterling silver is often used to make cubic zirconia rings so you can add a little extra bling to your promise.
  3. Value – 925 sterling silver retains its value and as a precious metal is always in demand, it is a promise ring after all and being able to liquidate it easily if things go south and get around what you paid for it is always good.

While promise rings are not as special as a well thought out proposal with an exquisite diamond engagement ring, they are the right first step for many couples to start their path forward as a committed couple.  Thousands of couples devote themselves to each other every year through the exchange of a promise ring and can set the stage for the perfect engagement proposal and future wedding.

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