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Choosing an Affordable Engagement Ring

Justin Grainger

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While a diamond may be referred to as a girl’s best friend, they can easily break the bank or put a significant dent in your wallet.  If you are seeking affordable engagement rings you may want to get outside the box of thinking that a gold with diamond ring is the only answer.  Selecting a giant flawless gemstone may seem like a smart investment, however flawless clarity, carat size, precious metal selection and more can rise the price in both value of the materials and the mark up at the jewelry store.  The following suggestions and rings may help you avoid spending bookoo bucks while still having options for many engagement rings, wedding bands, and wedding ring sets that will sparkle and dazzle your friends and family when they see it.

An option that has become more popular than ever for saving money on engagement rings is to seek out a lab created gemstone instead of a natural diamond.  There are many benefits to lab created stones like Cubic Zirconia.  They are significantly lower in cost, so you can get a bigger carat stone at a fraction of the price.   This cost savings may allow you to enjoy a different cut and style than you otherwise would have been able to consider.  Lab created gemstones also are free of all the environmental damage and exploitative labor involved in many diamond operations.  Who wants to wear something pretty if a little child was forced to work in the mine that it was dug out of, that is not what you want your love and commitment to your spouse to be entangled with, right?

Consider a cluster of several stones instead of an exceptionally large center cut gemstone.  This can provide the illusion of a larger ring and more sparkle and brilliance. 

One of the best options to bring down the cost of an engagement ring is to consider sterling silver rings.  By selecting sterling silver instead of gold or platinum you can find any ring design style no matter what your budget is.  Sterling silver engagement rings are some of the most affordable rings on the market and when paired with a rhodium finish, they have the same look and appeal as higher end rings.

6 Affordable Engagement Rings

These are our most popular engagement rings that will not break the bank while still having a beautiful ring to give to your special lady.  Save money for the wedding by going with one of these sterling silver rings.

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Fashion Band – Giovani style includes three rectangular stones that are 1.5 carat and lay horizontally on the face of the ring.
  2. 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Fashion Ring – Bertini style has a series of smaller stones with a beautifully designed curve across the face of the ring.
  3. 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring in a Giovani style has the quintessential engagement ring look with the large cubic zirconium center stone and accompanying gems on the side for a total of 2.25 carats.
  4. The 925 Sterling Silver Double Eternity Wedding set is the perfect pair for both the engagement ring and the wedding band that matches. There is value for the couple that chooses a wedding set versus buying each ring independently.  This also ensures there will be no issues with the rings pairing well together on the finger after the wedding.
  5. 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Ring with Prong Pave is a small and elegant ring perfect for dainty fingers and yet comes with a whopping 3.1 carats worth of cubic zirconium.
  6. The 925 sterling silver simulated sapphire wedding ring is an exquisite choice for the person looking to give a different ring for their engagement. The deep blue from the sapphire is striking and sure to catch the eye of all that gaze on it with a total of 3.3 carats.

Make the engagement process about the love and connection between you two and not the amount that is spent at the jeweler.   Too many couples make the mistake of going all in on the ring and spending way beyond their means when an affordable engagement ring is the smart and prudent decision.  As shown here just because you choose to not break the bank does not mean you have to skimp on giving a fashionable and beautiful ring on that day you bend the knee for your fiancé.

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