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Cubic Zirconia Rings for Any Occasion

Justin Grainger

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We offer a large selection of cubic zirconia rings that are perfect for any occasion.  Whether you are looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, or even fashion rings we have an option for you.  Cubic Zirconia delivers all the beauty, shine, and luster of a real diamond gemstone at a fraction of the cost.  To the naked eye only the most trained of jewelers can spot the difference between cubic zirconia rings and a real expensive diamond.  Stretch your dollars by purchasing a cubic zirconia stone and you can give a ring with that is certain to be a showstopper and light up the room when your significant other shows it off.

Cubic Zirconia Rings Basics

For those that are not aware cubic zirconia is a colorless manmade gemstone that is created from cubic crystalline a form of zirconium dioxide.  Contrary to what some people may say, cubic zirconia is not fake, it is a material that can be found in nature although exceedingly rare.  The cubic zirconia used in modern jewelry is all synthetically created in a lab environment that can control the quality and guarantee the gem will shine bright like a diamond. 

The only real way to tell the difference of the two stones cubic zirconia and diamond is by looking at them with natural light.  A real diamond will shine whiter whereas if you look closely with cubic zirconia it will give off a slight rainbow effect of colors.  A natural diamond is incredibly hard and is known as the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world and rated a 10 on the mohs scale of hardness.  A cubic zirconia gem however still rates as an 8.5 will and last for an exceptionally long time despite the slight difference in hardness.  Cubic zirconia can still cut glass in a similar fashion as diamond and will scratch a window if pressed hard against the surface.

The following are some popular choices for sterling silver rings with a cubic zirconia gemstone set in the ring.

Engagement Rings

Our 925 sterling silver rhodium finish CZ fashion engagement set ring with tiffany style includes a total of 1.5 carats of cubic zirconium and includes both an engagement ring and wedding ring.  This is a great value.  By purchasing a wedding ring set you will save a little by buying both rings at the same and ensuring that they fit well together and have a matching style and appeal.

Wedding Bands

The 926 Sterling Silver Wedding band has a row of cubic zirconium gemstones set into the simple band.  This band is finished with a rhodium finish giving the sterling silver ring an exceptional shiny appeal that will last forever.  This kind of finish on sterling silver gives the same look and shine as more expensive platinum at an affordable price.  The row of cubic zirconia gems totals to 1.25 ct.

Fashion Rings

The 925 sterling silver platinum finish fashion ring in a Berkovich style a fun and unique ring that has a little special sparkle from the .75 carat divided between three stones.  The elegant shape is to be a pleasure to wear and is a lightweight ring that is perfect for wearing while working.  This is an excellent choice for giving a fashion ring for a birthday gift or any other special day.

Anniversary Rings

The 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Heart Pave Anniversary ring is perfect for an anniversary gift for your significant other.  The two heart shaped ends will remind them of your endless love for each other.

If you want to give a ring with a gemstone that will sparkle and shine, but would like to avoid paying the huge costs associated with real diamonds, Cubic Zirconia is a great option.  They have the same look and appeal and come in all the standard cuts that are typical of high end diamond jewelry that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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