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Engagement Rings Do’s and Don’ts

Justin Grainger

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Wedding Bands, Sterling Silver Rings

Engagement rings and wedding rings are special.  This list of do’s and don’t will help you take care of your ring for a lifetime and make sure that it will always be that continuous reminder of your bond for each other.  An engagement ring and wedding band may be the very first valuable ring that you purchase or own and while many of the same rules apply for caring for regular jewelry, it is wise to be extra careful with these pieces.  You can always get a replacement for an earring or necklace that gets lost or damaged, but you only have one ring that you exchanged on your wedding day with your forever love.  Take care of the ring and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

  1. Don’t Remove the Ring in Public Places

Too many people have horror stories about taking a wedding band or engagement ring off in the bathroom to wash their hands only to have it go down the drain and disappear for good.  Resist the temptation to take it off even though you do it at your own house.

  1. Don’t Touch the Center Gemstone

It is wise to grab the sides of the ring when you put it on and off and avoid touching the center stones directly.  Dust, dirt, and body oils will over time degrade the stones clarity and brilliant shine requiring cleaning to return to its original glory.

  1. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals to Treat the Ring

Cleaning a ring does not require the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.  Never use bleach or toxic cleaning solutions as they can dull the rings finish and even cause harm to the gemstones, especially rings that have colored center stones.

  1. Do Keep your Ring Clean

While you never want to clean with household cleaning supplies a little hot water, a clean brush or clean cloth and a little dab of alcohol can do wonders on keeping a ring clean.  Always rinse thoroughly and immediately dry the ring after any cleaning and if you are unsure about what to do there is nothing wrong with having a professional jeweler clean the ring.

  1. Do Remove Your Ring During Hands-On Activities

If you are going to be doing something that is very hands on and active it is wise to take the ring off.  Helping with a home remodel project or gardening in the backyard can lead to a dirty ring that needs a deep clean or worse in the middle of the activity the ring slides off unnoticed. 

  1. Don’t Abuse the Ring with Unneeded Wear

Be conscious of what your hands are doing. Knocking the ring against a hard surface such as car door or the sidewalk if you stop to pick something up can scratch the ring or damage the gemstone.

  1. Do Clean the Ring Before the Wedding Day

Engagement rings and wedding bands should be cleaned and polished for the special day.  You want to show off your pretty ring and so make sure it is ready for prime time before saying, “I Do.”

  1. Do Use Ring Dishes Next to the Sink

Every sink in the house should have a small dish for placing your ring so that it is safe when you are washing your hands or doing the dishes.

  1. Don’t Get Ring Jealousy

While it is easy to look at other women’s hands and be envious of the ring on their finger, don’t be.  While one ring may be expensive and another may not cost that much, the love and commitment that ring represents is what is important.

  1. Do Be Thankful for the Commitment a Ring Represents

Enjoy wearing your ring for the rest of your life as a reminder of the love you have for each other.

Follow these few do’s and don’ts for engagement rings and wedding rings to take care of your ring.  A ring is a special symbol of your love as a couple and should be cherished and kept in the best condition possible whether it is a super expensive ring or a more affordable ring, what it represents is priceless.

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