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Fashion Rings: A Series of Cubic Zirconia Rings for Every Occasion

Justin Grainger

Cubic Zirconia Rings, Fashion Rings, Engagement Rings, Sterling Silver Rings 

While everyone knows the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend it can cost a fortune to have a series of fashion rings that will go with every outfit or occasion.  Cubic Zirconia or CZ is a synthetic gemstone that offers several advantages over diamond for the fashionista on a budget.  Cubic Zirconia rings come in a huge range of styles from the very simple and elegant to the super flashy and gaudy.

Benefits of Cubic Zirconia Rings

  1. Affordable – Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that is crafted in lab not a mine and when can paired with sterling silver rings they create very good looking fashion rings at a fraction of the cost of a ring with a genuine diamond.
  2. Flawless – Unlike natural diamonds Cubic Zirconia is considered optically flawless and if it were to be rated on the clarity scale given to diamonds it would be an F, which is the highest rating only provided to diamonds that are the rarest and most expensive on the market. This lack of any imperfections is how Cubic Zirconia is recognized by a trained eye as diamonds always have some imperfections while Cubic Zirconia Rings will have gemstones that 100% perfect.
  3. Guilt-Free – Again due to be made in a commercial lab instead of mined, there is no chance you are supporting conflict stones. Many diamond mines are in war torn countries that have been caught using slave labor and even child labor.  There is no blood on your hands when purchasing cubic zirconia rings, just something pretty and fashionable to wear.
  4. Colors – One of the attributes that makes cubic zirconia perfect for fashion rings is the fact it can come in several shades of color. CZ gemstones can come in clear white the natural color of diamonds, pink, purple, orange, champagne, and green.  The average consumer could never purchase a diamond that is pink or another shade of color, these are some of the rarest and most expensive stones on the market.
  5. Hardness – While still a relatively hard stone, Cubic Zirconia is a little softer than natural diamonds. CZ rates on the hardness scale at 8.5 while diamond does have a hardness rating on the Moh’s scale of 10.  Cubic Zirconia is very durable and can take the wear and tear of most wearers, they can break if smashed very hard.  Due to the slightly softer hardness scale CZ does retain its beauty the longest by keeping it cleaned by a jeweler after some time.

Favorite Fashion Rings and Cubic Zirconia Rings

The 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Heart Pave Anniversary ring is an exceptional piece for a special day or a fashionable occasion. The specially designed heart cubic zirconia stones with the rhodium finish on this gives this ring an elegant appeal of a custom designed piece of jewelry at a very affordable price.

The 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Fashion Ring – Berkovich has a very simple style that exudes beauty and class.  This is an excellent option for any women that wants a classy ring that is not overly gaudy, but still retains a little sparkle.  The uniquely designed center piece has three small stones that are set deeply providing a subtle but of flash and soft curves in the design.  This is the kind of ring that stands out from the thousands of fashion rings on the market when looking for a tasteful and fashionable ring.

The 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish CZ Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring 3ct has a large rock set in the dead center designed to wow the recipient.  A large center stone makes this selection a favorite for individuals looking through the endless options of cubic zirconia rings to find the right one to impress.  This is the size of stone for engagement rings to get a YES.

Cubic Zirconia Rings Are the Perfect Fashion Rings

Due to their affordability, immense range of styles and colors cubic zirconia rings are the perfect fashion rings for any outfit. There is a ring that fits your style and personality or for your loved one.  Take the time to look through all the options and find the perfect match for your need.


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