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Three Engagement Ring Styles Trending in 2020

Justin Grainger

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If you’re thinking about popping the question, you may feel a little bit lost in the beginning. If you aren’t familiar with diamonds, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down to only a few options. With June just around the corner, it’s prime time for wedding season. Which means both you, and your fiancé’s Instagram feed is most likely seeing engagement rings pop up everywhere. Want to pop the question with a timeless, yet on-trend style? We’re helping you narrow it down. Keep reading to check out our three picks below.



The princess cut. It’s a classic and popular cut. In fact, it’s the second most popular of them all, and for good reason. The square diamond cut showcases four beveled sides. The bottom of the ring meets the base at a point. It’s striking and stands the test of time, regardless of the season or decade. And what girl doesn’t want to look and feel like a princess with her new bling? This cut works well with a wide range of ring settings, styles and bands.



The cushion cut, once titled the old mine cut, is as historic as it is breathtaking. Dating all the way back to the 1800s, this style has 64 facets. Why does that matter? The facets allow this ring to truly be the bling! The facets of the cushion style reflect light more than any other cut. The cushion cut combines the round style as well as the princess cut. It’s shape features rounded edges, similar to a cushion. The cushion cut made strides in the wedding industry in the 2000s when it rose to real prominence. It has continued to remain a popular cut of choice. Halo settings are also commonly paired with the cushion cut as they enhance the stone well with an emphasis on its size. The cushion cut surrounded by smaller stones is a striking style rising in popularity since the beginning of the 2010s.



The pear shape cut is unique because of its combination of two other cuts to create its special form. More specifically, this diamond is also a modified brilliant ring. The cushion cut isn’t the only combination-style ring. The pear cut combines elements of the round diamond and the marquise, which resembles a boat-like silhouette. The pear shape is also commonly referred to as the tear drop. The pear cut is unique because of its detail-focused style. The shape is not easily missed and it’s signature style is much more easily recognized by all than other cuts on the market.


Think you’ve found your cut yet? There are a myriad of options when it comes to picking the right ring for that special someone. The important thing to remember is to take your time, choose something you know she’ll love. Be observant when she mentions styles that she likes and be a good listener. She may already be dropping hints for one of these cuts or maybe she has mentioned a few wedding ring sets! When it comes to diamonds, the possibilities are vast and expansive. If you want a look that’s trendy yet timeless, try checking out some of the pear, cushion, and princess cuts we offer! This decision can be daunting, but we’re here to take some of the pressure off. Check out our shop to start browsing for “the one”!

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