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Get The Look: Bohemian

Justin Grainger

bohemian jewelry

Tired of your daily look? Are you the person who shows up everywhere in active wear…even if you didn’t and don’t plan to go to the gym or to yoga class? We’re actually all for active wear, especially when paired with a glam ring to elevate the look. But, we know it can be easy to fall into a style rut, too. One great way to stay comfy while also looking fabulous is to go for the bohemian look. The bohemian look works in summer or winter, and encompasses almost any garment that embodies floaty or flowy (summer) and layered or vivid (winter). Also known as boho or boho chic, this style is the perfect gateway to adopting and establishing your own unique style alternative to activewear.


Here are three ideas to get your bohemian look.


Wear Layers


In the summer, pair t-shirts with dresses. In the winter, pair skirts with thick leggings, socks, and boots. Change up your layers by keeping one staple piece the same and switching out all the others from day to day. For example, wear a signature pleather jacket as many times as you want, but rotate a few different dresses. Keep your leggings the same neutral tone, but experiment with brightly colored scarves or different styles of bags. Stack one of our fashion rings with a variety of other accent rings.




You don’t always have to go bold with your clothing to get the bohemian look. Throw on an easy one piece long sleeved dress with boots, and then accentuate the look with many, many accessories. From a big slouchy handbag to an infinity scarf to a large fabric flower hair clip to our triple flower, triple stone 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Cocktail Brilliant Fashion Ring, all that look needs to make it sing boho chic is a great combination of accessories.


Mix Neutrals with Bolds


A good rule of thumb to avoid clashing and keep your boho look classy is to combine both neutrals and bolds in your outfit. For clothing, this could look like pairing a flowered knee length dress with your favorite pair of jeans, and ankle boots for winter or jeweled sandals for summer. You could also pair classic brown boots with a jewel tone skirt and a cream or black sweater. For jewelry, you can group statement pieces together successfully, especially if you take care to choose stones that will complement, not compete with, each other. For example, one of our gold plated rings could be the neutral to your citrine and topaz ring. Or, pair an engagement rings or wedding bands as your neutral with our flower band ring for a monochromatic yet still boho chic layered look.


If you prefer to wear less rings at one time, you can get the boho effect in just one ring, too. Our Cleopatra antique style ring accomplishes the bohemian style in spades. So does our Brilliant Antique Style Bezel Anniversary Ring and our Brilliant Pave Anniversary rings, both in the Alique’s Nouveau Collection.

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