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Our Top 5 Unconventional Rings

Justin Grainger

Unconventional Rings



We admit it: we’re suckers for classic engagement rings and wedding ring sets. We just can’t get over that timeless look. It goes with everything, and adds that little extra sparkle to every day wear. But we also have a soft spot for rings that aren’t so classic. That’s why we’ve sought out some of our favorite unconventional rings, whether it be in style, center stone, or center stone cut, to feature on this site. These rings are perfect for special events or days you just want to feel fancy, but we also think they can be rocked for every day wear if that’s your style. Below are a few we’d like to highlight.


925 Sterling Silver Ribbon Ring


What’s more fun than a ring in the shape of something else? This 925 Sterling Silver Ribbon Ring somehow manages to be tongue in cheek yet elegant at the same time. We could see this ring paired with a punk rock look for day or a glam gown for a night out. The jaunty bow paired with the inset stones make this unconventional ring very versatile, too.


925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz and Citrine Ring


We are pretty much obsessed with this two tone 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Topaz and Citrine Ring. The light blue of the topaz and the orangey gold of the citrine provide just the right contrast to make this ring qualify as unconventional, yet it’s still a great go-to for daily wear. We’ve found that this ring can really be paired with any outfit, regardless of color or tone - it’s subtle enough that it goes with everything, but also gives you that little something extra.


925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Fashion Bezel Anniversary Ring


Chunky rings are all the rage. But we also know they’re not just a passing fad. That’s why we keep coming back to this 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Fashion Bezel Anniversary Ring. This ring demonstrates that pink doesn’t have to be a “soft” or “mild” center stone color - it can make a powerful statement, too.


925 Sterling Silver Tripple Eternity Ring


This baguette cut Silver Tripple Eternity ring is a great option to celebrate an anniversary or another special milestone, but we’d also argue it’s the perfect unconventional ring to confidently wear on any finger, with any outfit. The stones in our cubic zirconia rings makes a statement all the way around, so if you like to wear your rings a little bigger you’ll never be stuck with the non-gem side up.


925 Sterling Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Amethyst Ring


Three words: hearts are back! We feature our heart center stone cut in four different center stones, but the Silver Platinum Finish Genuine Amethyst ring is particularly perfect for our unconventional rings list. While this ring may look sweet on the surface, it adds a certain pizzazz when worn in daily life. Whether at a board meeting or on your way back from the gym, this ring will make you feel special - but not cliche.


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