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Sterling Silver Rings Accessories

Justin Grainger

Sterling Silver Rings, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Pendants, Sterling Silver Necklaces, Anniversary Rings 

Looking for the perfect gift or surprise for your significant other?  Consider one of our beautiful sterling silver rings and if they already have several in their jewelry collection than an accessory that accentuates their existing collection.  There are many jewelry accessories that you can consider and each one fits a specific niche.  These are the most popular sterling silver accessories: necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.    While many people consider anniversary rings a popular item for celebrating a wedding anniversary any sterling silver jewelry accessory can be the perfect gift.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Picking the perfect necklace can be difficult if you do not have much experience with jewelry. Knowing the neck size of your significant other is important especially for shorter necklaces.  A Choker necklace will have a tight fit and it is recommended that the length be two inches longer than the neck measurement, so it is comfortable to wear.  If you are planning on including a pendant on the necklace it is recommended that the necklace should be four inches longer than the circumference of the wearer’s neck.  A common length that works for many women is an 18-inch necklace.  However, this can be too small or too large so think of that as the best place for an average necklace and go from their if you do not have an accurate measurement to work from.

Another thing to consider when selecting the right sterling silver necklace is the height of the wearer.  A person that is taller can generally get away with a longer necklace and it will look appropriately sized for them.  For instance, a person that is short in stature with a 25-inch necklace may look odd as the chain will hang exceptionally low on the chest.

Sterling Silver Pendants

Pendants for necklaces come in countless styles and shapes.  Therefore, it is important to really think about the personal style, likes and dislikes for the person that will be wearing it.  This will make the gift special and have meaning.  Furthermore, it will be obvious that you took the time to think about what the perfect gift would be.  Despite the cost of the piece of jewelry a well thought out gift will always be a winner than just something random that happens to cost a lot.

The following are a few of the more popular sterling silver pendants.  A pendant that includes a fashion pearl is excellent to match a set of pearl earrings that the wearer already owns.  A sterling silver rhodium finish star pendant is perfect for catching eyes due to its shine.  There are many different heart shaped pendants to choose from and these are always an excellent way to share your love for the recipient.  Many people enjoy wearing different colored gemstones and pendants are an excellent way to show off a pretty gem.  They dangle from a necklace and catch the natural light and help accentuate the outfit of the wearer.  A few popular gemstones for sterling silver pendants are cubic zirconia, simulated tourmaline, simulated peridot, and simulated topaz.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets like necklaces and pendants come in a wide array of styles.  The popular tennis bracelet in a sterling silver with rhodium finish is a forever classic.  For the purpose, of giving a gift that will last a lifetime and be passed down in the family a quality tennis bracelet is a winner every time.  In addition to the tennis bracelet the cuff bangle is a more rigid design an excellent choice. Some bracelets will have charms that hang off and others will be sleek in design, you will know what is right for your girlfriend or wife.

While you can always give sterling silver rings as gifts consider one of these other jewelry accessories the next time you are struggling to find the right piece to give.  Take a browse through our extensive collections, there is something affordable for everyone

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