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Wedding Rings for Men: 4 Popular Styles

Justin Grainger

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Finding the right Men’s ring is generally a simpler process than finding the right wedding ring for a woman, but there are still a variety of options to choose from.  Picking either a Titanium ring or one of the variety of sterling silver rings over a white gold ring will allow you to save more of your budget for your loved ones wedding ring sets.  Titanium Rings come in a handful of different styles and are a nice option due to their superb durability and strength.  Sterling silver rings come in countless different styles from simple and bare to ornate designs with gemstones and everything in between.

The following are the 4 most popular styles of wedding rings for men.

Titanium Rings Modern Rings for Men

Titanium Rings have several strong appealing characteristics for men looking for the right wedding ring for themselves.  Titanium is light grey in color and come in a few different variations including polished to a shine and textured for a matte finish.  The material is lightweight, much lighter than gold used in traditional rings, which makes titanium rings more comfortable to wear daily.  Titanium is more durable than gold, lighter, and the best part is it is also more affordable by a significant amount.  Purchasing a titanium ring will certainly leave you money for other parts of your budget as you plan your special wedding day.

  • Attractive appeal, silver color that is cool to the touch
  • Lightweight at 25% the weight of gold it is comfortable to wear
  • Durable and highly resistant to corrosion, there is a reason the metal is used in the aerospace industry for airplane parts
  • Stronger than stainless steel by 45% at comparative size
  • Hypoallergenic material that doesn’t cause skin discoloration or irritation
  • Affordable, the lowest cost rings for men with so many excellent qualities

Favorite Titanium Rings for Men

  • The simple and clean shiny polish of the simple titanium wedding band 6mm is an excellent option for a replacement to the traditional white gold wedding ring
  • Titanium rings can come in a couple colors black and bronze, the Indestructible Titanium Ring – Indestructible Titanium Ring 8mm is an excellent all black option.
  • There are many more options with simple design etchings and other versions with stones set in the face of the titanium rings.

The 3 Sterling Silver Rings Styles for Men’s Rings

These are three most common styles of rings that men choose from: Clean and Simple, Etched Design, and Designed with Stones

Clean and Simple Sterling Silver Rings

These rings have the classic wedding bands look.  The 925 Sterling Silver wedding band venetian finish 5mm ring is the perfect choice for the man looking for a traditional wedding ring.  This ring has a rhodium finish giving it a brilliant shine and appeal at an affordable price. 

Etched Design Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver Rings can be adorned with etched designs for simple markings to ornate designs.  There is a design for everyone.  Search through our catalogue of sterling silver rings for men and find the ring that fits your style and personality.

Sterling Silver Rings Designed with Stones

For the guy that wants to have a little sparkle in his own ring there are sterling silver rings available with gemstones set in the middle.  The 925 Sterling Silver men’s band is the classy way to add a little extra shine with rhodium finish and 2.25 carat of cubic zirconium this Katerina style wedding band is elegant and perfect for a fashionable men’s ring.

Rings for men are more limited in options overall but that does not mean you shouldn’t take the time to think about the kind of ring that makes the most sense for yourself and personal style.  Whether choosing a titanium ring or a sterling silver option you can go traditional or shiny and flashy with either base metal.  No matter the choice congratulations on this next adventure in your life and get a ring that you will enjoy and be proud to wear every day.

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